Putting Mats – Practice For Women Golfers

Is buying a putting mat really going to help your game?  The resounding answer is YES!!  For years, we’ve seen men on the TV and movie screens practicing their putting on mats in their offices.  Why’d they do it?  Because it worked!  So make it work for you too.  Here are some tips on what to buy:

  • Putting mats generally come in two lengths:  six and eight feet.  Is there an advantage of one of ther other?  Obviously if you want to practice a longer stroke, get the 8 feet.  Otherwise, you’ll be OK with the 6 feet. If you really want a challenge, there are some up to 15 feet!
  • Are you going to leave your putting mat in one place or will you be moving it around or taking it with you?  If you will be moving it, don’t get an electric or even a battery-operated one as it may limit your practice time.
  • Are you lazy?  Then get a golf putting mat that returns the ball to you!  No kidding — this will greatly enhance your time on the mat and you’ll only need a couple of balls (only one if you’re really good!).  Many of the electric ones will also let you adjust the length.
  • Do you want to use your putting mat indoors or outdoors or both?  The outdoor mats often come oversized and include flags, cups, multiple locators and a carrying bag.  You can also use these to practice chipping from just off the green.
  • Do you want your putting mat to challenge you?  If so, you can get one with a “lake” or a “sand trap” or even an incline.
  • Consider buying your putting mat online as they are often less expensive and the convenience of delivery is always a plus.  We’ve done some of the leg work for you.  Visit our site [http://www.women-golfers.com/GolfPracticeEquipment.shtml] to see our recommendations!

Writing about this great sport as it relates to women golfers has become a passion. I am asked over and over for more information on products and resources, trips, public courses, where to start playing, etc. specifically for women. Women represent the fastest-growing segment in the golf industry and the really smart companies realize it as they devote more and more time in catering to our needs.

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